D-JP: Delegation for relations with Japan

The European Parliament's Delegation for relations with Japan (D-JP) is one of the oldest - and one of the best established - of the Parliament's delegations to non-EU countries.

The Delegation has held annual inter-parliamentary meetings with counterparts from the Japanese Diet, Japan's bicameral legislature, since the delegation was created in 1979.

The delegation also meets regularly in Brussels and Strasbourg to discuss events and issues affecting Japan and the bilateral relationship.


The Delegation counts 24 full members, and an equal number of substitute members. All are nominated by the European Parliament's political groups, with the political makeup of the delegation mirroring that of Parliament as a whole.

The Bureau of the delegation is elected as follows: Chair, Ms Christel SCHALDEMOSE, a Danish member of the S&D group. 1st Vice Chair, Mr Dan NICA a Romanian member also of the S&D group with 2nd Vice Chair Ms Eva MAYDELL a Bulgarian member of the EPP group.

EU-Japan relationship

The EU relationship with Japan has broadened in recent decades and now extends far beyond the trade-related focus of the 1970s and 1980s.

Delegation focus and inter-parliamentary meetings

Progress towards these agreements has been one of the principal subjects of discussions in the Japan delegation, both in regular delegation meetings and in the inter-parliamentary meetings that bring the delegation together with Japanese representatives.

Inter-parliamentary meetings take place in alternate years in Japan and either Brussels or Strasbourg, with the most recent the 39th IPM which was held in November 2019 in Strasbourg. The 38th having taken place in Tokyo and Hiroshima in May 2018.