Human Enhancement

The study attempts to bridge the gap between visions on human enhancement (HE) and the relevant technoscientific developments. It outlines possible strategies of how to deal with HE in a European context, identifying a reasoned pro-enhancement approach, a reasoned restrictive approach and a case-by-case approach as viable options for the EU. The authors propose setting up a European body (temporary committee or working group) for the development of a normative framework that guides the formulation of EU policies on HE.

External author 

Christopher COENEN (ITAS), Mirjam SCHUIJFF (Rathenau Institute), Martijntje SMITS (Rathenau Institute), Pim KLAASSEN (University of Amsterdam), Leonhard HENNEN (ITAS), Michael RADER (ITAS) and Gregor WOLBRING (University of Calgary)