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The EU and NATO have founded their long-standing partnership, in an environment shaped by common principles and values. The European Parliament and NATO engage frequently in active dialogue in order to deepen mutual understanding and consolidate cooperation. Cooperation between the EU and NATO covers a large area ranging inter alia from military mobility, training and exercises to addressing cyber and hybrid challenges.

Following the European Parliament elections in May 2019, the Parliament's political groups shall nominate, amongst others, the new Members of the delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (DNAT).The total composition of the delegation shall be reflecting Parliament's overall political balance.

DNAT shall then convene its constituent meeting in order to elect its Chair and Vice-Chairs. As one of the first tasks of the new DNAT, the eventual participation at the Annual Session of the NATO PA (London, 11-14 October 2019) will be prepared.

Latest news

02-07-2019 09:47

Next NATO PA Session

The 65th NATO PA Annual Session will take place on 11-14 October 2019, in London (UK).