Rúin ó Pharlaimint na hEorpa

Relations of the European Union with the Gulf Cooperation Council

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on European Union relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Parliament recalls that its geopolitical environment makes the Gulf a focus of security challenges that have global and regional implications (the Middle East peace process, Iran's nuclear programme, the stabilisation of Iraq, Yemen and Darfur, terrorism and piracy). It states that the GCC is still the only stable regional organisation based on multilateralism and cooperation. In this context, Members emphasise that concluding the free trade agreement between the EU and the GCC remains a priority and that failure to conclude it would not be in either party's interests.

Given the limited presence of the Union in the Gulf region, the EU needs to develop a strategy for the region aimed at strengthening its ties with the GCC, supporting the regional integration process, and encouraging bilateral relations with the GCC member states. The objective is a strategic partnership [...]