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Testi dell'UE

Statement Spokeperson EEAS on the establishment of a national dialogue in Nicaragua

The establishment of a national dialogue that is due to begin on Wednesday 16th May is a very positive sign for Nicaragua. The dialogue is promoted by the Catholic Church and envisages the participation of all political forces. The decision by the government to invite the Inter-American Human Rights Commission to visit the country is another necessary step to verify and uphold the human rights situation in Nicaragua. The EU hopes that this visit can take place as soon as possible.

Statement by the Spokesperson on the continued violence in Nicaragua, 06.06.18

In Nicaragua, over 20 people were killed last week, including during peaceful marches organised on Mothers' Day on 30 May.

The continued violence in the country and the excessive use of force by police and unruly mobs is unacceptable. These attacks violate people's basic rights and render the conditions for peaceful dialogue more difficult.

EU-Central America Association Agreement

Relations between the EU and the Central American region are structured by an Association Agreement, signed in June 2012.

This association agreement includes sections on trade, political dialogue, and cooperation. It aims to support economic growth, democracy and political stability in Central America.

The Central American countries included are Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

The trade part of the association agreement has been provisionally applied at different times for different countries in the region:
  • Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama since August 2013,
  • Costa Rica and El Salvador since October 2013,
  • Guatemala since December 2016.