The European public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons for future cross border health threats

Study 17-02-2023

This study was drawn up to support the work of the European Parliament's Special Committee on the COVID 19 pandemic. It examines the European Union's public health response to the COVID 19 pandemic across the following five pillars: (1) the EU vaccines strategy and national vaccination strategies; (2) independent scientific evidence on vaccine effectiveness; (3) the EU public health response to COVID 19, addressing the EU framework for crisis response; (4) the EU's prevention and preparedness efforts for future health threats; and (5) considerations regarding EU competences in public health. By assessing the lessons of the COVID 19 pandemic, the current state of play, challenges, and opportunities for improvement in EU public health governance, a series of recommendations are proposed to strengthen the EU's resilience and preparedness for future cross-border health threats.