Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the site of the European Parliament's Delegation to the EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee (SAPC).

As the elected Chair of this delegation, I preside over our delegation's regular meetings and act as a Co-Chair of the SAPC with the Albanian parliament. Our joint meetings usually take place twice per year, alternating between the European Parliament's working places (Brussels or Strasbourg) and Albania.

Albania is an EU candidate country since June 2014 and has made tangible and sustainable progress in meeting the political criteria and the objectives related to the five key priorities for the opening of accession negotiations. This progress led the Council to agree to open accession negotiations on 26 March 2020, subject to further tackling the remaining challenges, particularly when it comes to fight against corruption at all levels, fight against organized crime, promotion of the rule of law as well as judiciary reform and protection of minorities. The European Parliament follows developments relating to the reform process in Albania very closely, and the related issues are regularly discussed with Members of the Albanian Parliament in the EU-Albania SAPC.

Albania has shown clear commitment and determination to the EU integration path in recent years. For a reform process to be successful, it needs the support of the whole society. It should therefore be accompanied by a genuine political dialogue and sustainable cross-party cooperation, primarily in the Parliament. Ensuring inclusive political dialogue and a stronger role for civil society organisations remain essential elements of a well-functioning democracy.

We are ready to contribute to Albania's efforts to fulfil all the conditions necessary for starting accession negotiations as soon as possible and we are looking forward to a constructive and fruitful dialogue in our future exchanges.