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Résolutions du PE

Development strategy for Africa, 7 November 2005

Te European Parliament adopted a resolution based on the own-initiative report drafted by Maria MARTENS (EPP-ED, NL) on a development strategy for Africa.

The Africa strategy should have a special approach to the needs of fragile states in order to avoid their further lapsing into poverty and violence and consequently destabilising their neighbours.

Parliament requested the Commission to combine its strategy for Africa with a detailed implementation action plan with a clear timeline, a detailed indication of the means and financial resources to be mobilised (including financial commitments by the Member States), an indication of the different levels of intervention (local, national, regional, pan-African) and their respective roles, and an indication of a genuine joint monitoring mechanism to assess progress (involving Parliament and the AU). This implementation plan must cover all of Africa, including areas for which at present separate regulations and agreements exist.

Peace support operations - EU engagement with the UN and the African Union, 2016

The European Parliament adopted by 491 votes 110 with 73 abstentions, a resolution on Peace Support Operations - EU engagement with the UN and the African Union.

Parliament recalled that Peace Support Operations (PSOs) are a form of crisis response, normally in support of an internationally recognised organisation such as the UN or the African Union (AU), with a UN mandate

Parliament urged the EU to seek an appropriate division of labour and to focus on where it can best add value. It considered that UN and AU missions are in need of a comprehensive approach.

Parliament noted that the perceived legitimacy of a PSO is key to its success. It believed that the AU should therefore contribute with support and military forces wherever possible.

Parliament recognised that the problem is often not the lack of funding but, rather, how funds are spent and what other resources are utilised.

Parliament stressed that border management assistance should be a priority for EU engagement in Africa.

State of play of EU-Africa relations, 25 October 2007

The European Parliament adopted a resolution based on the own-initiative report drafted by Maria MARTENS (EPP-ED, NL) on the state of play of EU-Africa relations and welcomed the "Outline for the Joint EU-Africa Strategy" as endorsed by the 8th EU-Africa Ministerial Troika Meeting of 15 May 2007 in Brussels.

It deplored, however, the fact that the Commission's communication entitled "EU Strategy for Africa: Towards a Euro-African pact to accelerate Africa's development" was adopted without in-depth consultation with the AU institutions and African governments and parliaments, and without any involvement of European and African civil society and local authorities.

This strategy dictates the main topics addressed by the proposed new joint strategy, thus running the risk of leaving out other important issues for Africa's sustainable development. Parliament hoped that the new proposed strategy would come forth from in-depth consultation of the AU institutions.