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Delegation to the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee (D-MD)

The European Parliament's Delegation to the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee (D-MD) was constituted on 16 October 2014, only a few months after the EU-Moldova Association Agreement was signed.

The text of the Association Agreement - and specifically Article 440 - had established the Parliamentary Association Committee to bring together elected representatives from the European Parliament and Moldova:

"A Parliamentary Association Committee is hereby established."

"It shall consist of Members of the European Parliament, on the one hand, and of Members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, on the other, and shall be a forum for them to meet and exchange views."

Previously, parliamentary relations between Moldova and the EU had been conducted within the framework of a "Parliamentary Cooperation Committee", a format created by the Partnership and Cooperation Agreements that the EU had concluded with several former Soviet countries in the 1990s.

Parliamentary Association Committee meetings

The inaugural meeting of the EU-Moldova Committee was held on 21-22 September 2015 in Brussels.

The final statement of the meeting pointed to the work facing the Committee, including:

  • monitoring the Association Agreement
  • ensuring that the EU's assistance to Moldova is aligned with the Agreement
  • raising public awareness about the Agreement.

Since then, five other meetings of the Committee have taken place, alternating between the premises of the European Parliament (in Brussels or Strasbourg) and in the Parliament of Moldova.

- 2nd EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, 18 May 2016, Chisinau

- 3rd EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, 14-15 December 2016, Strasbourg

- 4th EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, 22 May 2017, Chisinau

- 5th EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, 25-26 October 2017, Strasbourg

- 6th EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, 5 April 2018, Chişinău,

Recommendations are adopted at each of the sessions.

Other European Parliament activities linked to Moldova

The European Parliament closely follows developments in the Republic of Moldova, which is both a neighbour of the European Union and a country bound to the Union by a bilateral Association Agreement.

The Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Sub-Committee on Security and Defence and the Committee on Budgetary Control regularly discuss developments in Moldova. The Committee on International Trade (INTA) is the lead Committee for issues related to trade with - and macro financial assistance to - the Republic of Moldova.

A number of plenary debates and resolutions have also focused on Moldova.

At the start of the European Parliament's 2014-2019 term, Moldova was identified as a "priority country" for the Parliament's Comprehensive Democracy Support Action Programme. This means that the European Parliament works actively with the country to develop Moldova's capacities.

The European Parliament also sends MEPs to observe elections in Moldova, as for the presidential elections held on 30 October and 13 November 2016.

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