Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the site of the Delegation for relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

As the Chair of this delegation, I co-chair two joint parliamentary committees: the EU-Kosovo Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee (SAPC) and the EU-Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) SAPC. Each of these committees has a Co-Chair from the partner parliament.

The SAPCs normally meet twice a year for two days. In case of Kosovo, the meetings have maintained a regular pace since the committee was created in the spring of 2016. The EU-BiH SAPC has proved to be more problematic; so far, it has met only once, in 2015.

Our work covers all aspects of accession to the European Union. In particular, we focus on the functioning of democratic institutions, on the fight against corruption and organised crime, on the protection of fundamental rights, on regional cooperation and the Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue.

We seek to help our partner parliaments prepare for EU membership, while keeping in mind that the enlargement process is just a tool to improve the lives of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of Kosovo.

I look forward to continuing to chair our delegation in order to develop the parliamentary aspect of the enlargement process in a way that will allow our partners to scrutinise their governments and to reform their parliaments.




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