European Parliament: Facts and Figures

Briefing 11-03-2022

This Briefing, published by the European Parliamentary Research Service, is designed to provide key facts and figures about the European Parliament. It looks at both the current parliamentary term (July 2019 to June 2024) and the eight previous five-year terms since direct elections were introduced in June 1979. On the following pages you will find graphics of various kinds which: • detail the composition of the European Parliament now and in the past; • trace the increase in the number of parties represented in the EP and the evolution of political groups; • show the age of Members and chart the rise in the number of women sitting in the Parliament; • explain the electoral systems used in elections to the Parliament across the Member States; • show how turnout in European elections has changed over time and varied between Member States; • summarise the work of the Parliament in the current and previous five-year terms; • outline the composition of the Parliament's committees, delegations and governing bodies; • explain the legislative role of the Parliament and its interaction with the European Commission. The Briefing is being updated regularly over the 2019-24 term to take account of latest developments.