Digital transformation - Cost of Non-Europe

Study 27-01-2022

Europe is in the midst of a digital revolution that is transforming our approach to work and communication and building significant potential to improve living standards and economic output. With the potential to drastically change the economy and society, digital transformation can bring both promising developments and challenges. There is wide variation in advances in digital transformation both within the European Union and between Member States. To this end, the European Union and its Member States are developing and adopting policies targeted at boosting digital transformation. This Cost of Non-Europe study analyses the status quo in digital transformation in the European Union and identifies gaps and barriers hampering the full potential of the digital transformation. Based on this examination, the cost of non-Europe is analysed qualitatively and quantitatively using a computable general equilibrium model. The estimated cost of non-Europe is already substantial in 2021, at €315 billion, and would continue to grow increasingly over time, reaching up to €1.3 trillion by 2033. The study proceeds to identify three broad policy options for EU action that would address the identified gaps and barriers to some extent and thus generate benefits for businesses and society.