Slovenia's National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Latest state of play

Briefing 16-04-2024

EU support for the implementation of Slovenia's modified national recovery and resilience plan (NRRP) amounts to €2 685.3 million, and includes €1 612.9 million in grants and €1 072.4 million in loans. This amount is by €203.3 million higher than that initially approved and takes into account a June 2022 update of the maximum financial contribution form the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), additional loans requested by Slovenia, and non-repayable allocation for REPowerEU made available in 2023. While the overall allocation is only 0.4 % of the total RRF, it stood at 5.5 % of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019 (the RRF being 5.2 % of EU-27 GDP in 2019). With €1 274 per citizen (grants and loans), Slovenia is among the 10 biggest RRF beneficiaries per capita. So far, Slovenia has received €841 million (€531 million in grants and €310 million in loans) in pre-financing and three instalments based on the achievement of 58 milestones and targets (28 % of all to be achieved). The next payment request is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024 and should cover the fourth and fifth instalments (€392.7 million). Slovenia's NRRP tackles both the COVID-19 pandemic's socio-economic consequences and more long-standing challenges identified in the Slovenian development strategy 2030. The plan is strongly focused on the green and digital transitions. Planned spending on these areas meets the compulsory targets, totalling 48.9 % for climate and 20 % for digital (the latter excluding the REPowerEU chapter). Investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable mobility have been further reinforced under the new REPowerEU chapter. Other priority areas include smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and health and welfare. The European Parliament participates in interinstitutional forums for cooperation and discussion on RRF implementation, and scrutinises the European Commission's work. This briefing is one in a series covering all EU Member States. Third edition. The 'NGEU delivery' briefings are updated at key stages throughout the lifecycle of the plans.