Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the site of the European Parliament's Delegation for relations with the Mashreq countries.

As the elected Chair of the Delegation, I preside over our regular meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg and set the agenda for our work with our counterparts in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The Delegation closely follows in particular the evolution of the situation in Syria and the European Union's initiatives on humanitarian support for the Syrian people and on the future of Syria.

During this term of the European Parliament, while respecting the independence of our partner parliaments, we offer a unique, democratic voice. We are also working to ensure that the European Parliament's perspective is taken into account in all policy areas pertaining to our relations with the Mashreq countries.

In addition to our regular meetings within the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg, we also hold Inter-Parliamentary Meetings (IPM) with our counterparts in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. These meetings contribute to further strengthening the relations between the European Parliament and the Mahshreq countries, thus improving our mutual understanding and promoting the values on which the European Union is founded.

I look forward to guiding our Delegation through these shifting times.

Marisa Matias