Entschließungen des EP

EP Resolutions of 17 January 2013 on the State of play of EU-Mercosur trade relations

Members recall that EU-Mercosur trade represents nearly as much as EU trade with the rest of Latin America taken together. Members call for closer cooperation between the EU and Mercosur, and believe that deeper integration of the European and Mercosur economies will be beneficial to both sides.

In this context, Parliament urges both parties to bring sufficient political motivation and significant political backing to the table, so as to proceed with the exchange of sufficiently ambitious market access offers on goods, services, investments and the other chapters of the trade pillar of the agreement.

It reiterates the importance of including respect for democratic principles, fundamental and human rights and the rule of law as well as environmental and social standards in all trade agreements concluded between the EU and third countries, in order to achieve greater coherence in external actions, both reflecting the EU's economic interests and promoting its fundamental values.