Rezoluții ale PE

EP Resolution of 18 July 2019 on the situation at the USA-Mexico border

US-Mexican border

The European Parliament expresses its deep concern about the situation befalling migrants and asylum seekers at the USA-Mexico border, especially that of migrant children.

MEPs are also deeply worried about the appalling conditions in US immigration detention facilities, which they say lack adequate healthcare, decent food and proper sanitation. Family separation and immigration detention are never in the best interests of the child, the resolution further states, while calling on the US government to stop separating families and, as a matter of urgency, to reunify all families with children who are still separated from their parents or guardians.

EP Resolution of 23 October 2014 on the disappearance of 43 teaching students in Mexico

The European Parliament adopted by 495 votes to 86, with 56 abstentions, a resolution on the disappearance of 43 teaching students in Mexico.

Parliament recalled that on 26 September 2014, six people, including three students, were killed when the police opened fire on protesting teaching students. Since then 43 students are still missing.

According to various sources those students were rounded up and driven away by police officers and handed over to unidentified armed men linked to a drug cartel.

Parliament strongly condemned the unacceptable forced disappearances and crimes in Iguala. It called on the Mexican authorities to:
  • investigate all the crimes, including the finding of 28 bodies in clandestine graves;
  • take all necessary steps to act promptly and in a transparent and impartial manner to identify, arrest and bring to justice the perpetrators of the crimes, and with no margin for impunity;
  • continue the investigations until the students have been brought to safety.

EP Recommendation to the Council of 12 March 2009 on the EU-Mexico Strategic Partnership

The European Parliament adopted by 463 votes to 20, with 52 abstentions, a recommendation to the Council on an EU-Mexico Strategic Partnership.

The Parliament hopes that a future Strategic Partnership will mark a qualitative leap in EU-Mexico relations, both multilaterally and by giving new impetus to the EU-Mexico Global Agreement in its various aspects - political (including human rights), security, anti-drugs trafficking, environmental, cooperation (technical and cultural) and socio-economic.

MEPs make the following recommendations:
  • institutionalising annual EU-Mexico summits,;
  • supporting the Mexican Government and President in fighting corruption;
  • supporting the Mexican government's contributions to the work of the UN and fight against drug trafficking, terrorism and organised crime;
  • fighting feminicide;
  • coordinating on crisis situations and global issues;
  • developing the human rights and democracy clause function;
  • creating a Mexico-EU Civil Society Forum;
  • enhancing cooperation programmes.