Europa-Parlamentets beslutninger

EU political relations with Latin America

The European Parliament adopted by 526 votes to 96, with 59 abstentions, a resolution on EU political relations between the EU and Latin America.

Members recalled that the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region is an ideal partner for the European Union to respond to the major challenges currently facing the world such as mass migration, terrorism, climate change and poverty.

The EU-LAC partnership is based on common values and principles such as respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, international peace and security and a common commitment to a multilateral system of global governance based on common standards and dialogue.

The Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) should strengthen their partnership and political dialogue by cooperating on clearly defined common interests in order to jointly address major global challenges.

Parliament suggested speeding up the ongoing negotiations updating the EU-Mexico Global Agreement.

Resolution on the disappearance of 43 teaching students in Mexico, 2014

The European Parliament adopted by 495 votes to 86, with 56 abstentions, a resolution on the disappearance of 43 teaching students in Mexico.

Parliament recalled that on 26 September 2014, six people, including three students, were killed when the police opened fire on protesting teaching students. Since then 43 students are still missing.

According to various sources those students were rounded up and driven away by police officers and handed over to unidentified armed men linked to a drug cartel.

Parliament strongly condemned the unacceptable forced disappearances and crimes in Iguala. It called on the Mexican authorities to:
  • investigate all the crimes, including the finding of 28 bodies in clandestine graves;
  • take all necessary steps to act promptly and in a transparent and impartial manner to identify, arrest and bring to justice the perpetrators of the crimes, and with no margin for impunity;
  • continue the investigations until the students have been brought to safety.

EU's trade relations with Latin-America (2010)

The European Parliament adopted by 414 votes to 76, with 23 abstentions, a resolution on the European Union's trade relations with Latin America.

The resolution recalls that the EU has strengthened its economic and trade relations with Latin America, becoming its second most important trading partner and the leading trading partner for MERCOSUR and Chile.

Parliament stresses that trade policy can play a decisive and positive role in creating wealth, enhancing economic and political relations between peoples and countries, ensuring peace and addressing development, environmental and social objectives.

Parliament notes that the aim of closer integration of the European and Latin American economic spheres should create more and better jobs in both regions and must support the aim of more resource-efficient and greener economies.

Parliament believes that, in order to draw greater benefit from their trade relations and appropriately distribute the gains from trade among their populations.

EU strategy for relations with Latin America (2010)

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the EU strategy for relations with Latin America.

Parliament welcomed the Commission communication 'The European Union and Latin America: Global Players in Partnership'.

It also welcomes the efforts of the Spanish presidency to secure the signing of the EU-Central America Association Agreement and the multi-party trade agreements with Colombia and Peru, as well as its clear commitment to re-launching negotiations between the EU and Mercosur.

Members stress that support for the various regional integration processes in Latin America is a basic principle for the biregional strategic partnership, and they reaffirm that the ultimate goal of the EU-Latin America biregional strategic partnership is the creation of a Euro-Latin American global interregional partnership area, by, approximately, 2015, in the areas of politics, economics, trade and social and cultural affairs, intended to ensure sustainable development in both regions.

EU-Mexico Strategic Partnership, 12 March 2009

The European Parliament adopted by 463 votes to 20, with 52 abstentions, a recommendation to the Council on an EU-Mexico Strategic Partnership.

The Parliament hopes that a future Strategic Partnership will mark a qualitative leap in EU-Mexico relations, both multilaterally and by giving new impetus to the EU-Mexico Global Agreement in its various aspects - political (including human rights), security, anti-drugs trafficking, environmental, cooperation (technical and cultural) and socio-economic.

MEPs make the following recommendations:
  • institutionalising annual EU-Mexico summits,;
  • supporting the Mexican Government and President in fighting corruption;
  • supporting the Mexican government's contributions to the work of the UN and fight against drug trafficking, terrorism and organised crime;
  • fighting feminicide;
  • coordinating on crisis situations and global issues;
  • developing the human rights and democracy clause function;
  • creating a Mexico-EU Civil Society Forum;
  • enhancing cooperation programmes.