Hearings of the two Commissioners designate from Bulgaria and Romania

On 1 January 2007 the Accession Treaty with Bulgaria and Romania is expected to enter into force and they will join the European Union, bringing the number of Member States up to 27.

The appointment of two nationals from Bulgaria and Romania to the European Commission will be an important sign of their integration into the European Union and will mark the beginning of the full participation in the decision making process at European level of these two new Member States.

In order to enhance the transparency of the nominations and to give the appointments of the two new Commissioners more legitimacy, the European Parliament will conduct a hearing with the Commissioners designate followed by a formal vote of approval.

The hearings should take place in late November 2006. The current 732 Members of European Parliament and the 53 Members of Accession countries’ National Parliaments, who have been granted observer status in the European Parliament, will have the chance to test the candidates’ qualifications. To prepare the hearings, each candidate is requested to reply to a written questionnaire.

Based on the outcome of the hearings the European Parliament will proceed to a formal vote of approval. Only after Parliament's formal approval the Council will formally appoint the new Commissioners.

For details of the individual Commissioners designate, the hearings and the procedure in general, please click on the respective menu items on the left side of this page.

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