Introducing a European disability card and a European parking card

Briefing 01-12-2023

The IA supporting the proposal for a European disability card and a European parking card builds on the experience of two instruments already in place: i) the EU disability card pilot project rolled out in eight participating Member States since 2016, and ii) the EU parking card for persons with disabilities, introduced EU-wide in 1998 through Council Recommendation 98/376/EC. The IA draws on a wide range of data, including a supporting study (which, however, is not linked and does not seem to have been published) and a recent study assessing the implementation of the disability card pilot project. The IA presents a clear and comprehensive intervention logic. It puts forward two policy options in addition to the baseline scenario, duly analysing the potential impacts, with a focus on social, fundamental rights and economic impacts. Stakeholder input was taken into account throughout the IA. Disability organisations were involved in the consultations; in addition, in line with the UN CRPD and the BRG, the open public consultation included accessible formats (e.g. a questionnaire in easy-to-read format). The legislative proposal broadly follows the IA, with some minor differences regarding the scope, delegated acts and review clauses.