Gender-based violence as a new area of crime listed in Article 83(1) TFEU - European added value assessment

Study 14-06-2021

This European added value assessment (EAVA) supports the European Parliament's legislative-initiative report on a 'Proposal for a Council decision to identify gender-based violence as a new area of crime listed in Article 83(1) TFEU', 2021/2035(INL). The assessment reviews the significant harm generated by gender-based violence in the EU and presents evidence supporting the classification of gender-based violence as a particularly serious crime with a cross-border dimension. Through improving prevention, prosecution and protection, EU action could generate significant benefits to victims and society; considering only the economic dimension, by decreasing the incidence of gender-based violence, it could generate benefits in the order of €25.1 billion in the short term and between €54.4 billion and €83.9 billion in the longer term. Moreover, the EAVA identifies complementary EU action that could enhance the European added value of this policy option, such as expanding the mandate of the equality bodies, promoting the quality of survey and administrative data and supporting education activities and training.