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Annual Resolutions to Commission Reports on Montenegro

Most relevant resolutions are those scrutinising the accession process. MEPs always underline that the implementation of reforms and policies remains a key indicator of the integration process and adopted laws are just a preparation to a real change.

The resolutions dedicate a lot of attention to the rule of law, functioning of the democratic institutions and human rights, especially gender equality and situation of vulnerable groups, including minorities are in the focus. The Parliament continuously puts stress on fight against corruption and organized crime. These address the economic and political reforms, strengthening administrative capacity of the state institutions and building of efficient judicial system. The protection of environment is often addressed, as well as energy issues.

Montenegro is praised for its constructive role in the regional cooperation. Montenegro leads in aligning with the EU in defence and in foreign affairs, which is always well stressed in resolutions.

Cooperation agreement between Eurojust and Montenegro

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The European Parliament adopted by 567 votes to 58, with 63 abstentions, a legislative resolution on the draft Council implementing decision approving the conclusion by Eurojust of the Agreement on Cooperation between Eurojust and Montenegro.

Parliament approved the Council draft in the framework of the consultation procedure.

This agreement aims to enhance judicial cooperation in the fight against serious crime in particular organised crime and terrorism. It contains provisions concerning the operational cooperation between Eurojust and Montenegro, such as the secondment of a liaison Prosecutor by Montenegro to Eurojust and the exchange of information including personal data. It seeks to aid and reinforce the fight against serious crime and would contribute to enhancing judicial co-operation, in particular in the field of organised crime and terrorism.