Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the webpage of the European Parliament's Delegation to the EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly (D-UK).

As Chair of this new delegation, I will have the honour of presiding over its meetings with a view to fostering mutually beneficial cooperation with the United Kingdom.

UK is far from being an ordinary third country. The EU and the UK share a common history, particularly as members of the EU. We are close neighbours both geographically and in our values. This is precisely why it is so important that our two parliaments work together to forge a bright future built on cooperation. The EU-UK relationship will be different going forward but I hope it will be strong, guided by common values, principles and interests.

To that end, I will work closely with the European Parliament's UK Contact Group (UKCG) to monitor the implementation of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the Withdrawal Agreement and other UK-related issues. To facilitate internal coordination, in my capacity as Chair of the D-UK, I also co-chair the UKCG with the Chairs of AFET and INTA Committees, allowing the European Parliament to speak with a single voice.

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement provides for the possible establishment of an EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly (PPA) composed of Members of the European Parliament and of Members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

As both parliaments have agreed to establish the PPA, we shall now endeavour to agree on the Rules of Procedure of the PPA so it can be up and running as soon as possible.

This delegation and the Assembly represent a hope for closer future ties and a better common understanding of the implications of the EU-UK agreements secured so far, as well as for what remains to be done. The PPA will be a means of cultivating, through dialogue and debate, a better understanding between the parties and I look forward to the opportunity to build a solid partnership based on mutual trust.

Once constituted, I will also have the privilege of co-chairing the EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly (PPA), with my UK counterparts.

I invite you to follow the developments and activities of this new delegation here on our webpage.