EP resolutions

EP Resolution of 13 September 2017 on EU political relations with Latin America

European Parliament resolution of 13 September 2017 on EU political relations with Latin America

1. Underlines that the EU-LAC bi-regional partnership is based on common principles, values and interests such as democracy, human rights, peace and solidarity, the rule of law and an independent judiciary as well as a commitment to uphold them in a horizontal relationship and has become critical to the advancement of the bi-regional and cooperation exchanges; stresses that in the wake of the economic crisis, the EU and LAC countries are facing common challenges in the areas of sustainable economic growth and the fight against unemployment, digital transformation, social inclusion and gender equality, while at the same time sharing common values;

EP Resolution of 21 October 2010 on the EU's trade relations with Latin America

European Parliament resolution of 21 October 2010 on the European Union's trade relations with Latin America

1. Emphasises that the Lisbon Treaty defines EU trade policy as an integral and relevant part of the Union's overall external action and that trade policy can play a decisive and positive role in creating wealth, enhancing economic and political relations between peoples and countries, ensuring peace and addressing development, environmental and social objectives, and that these policies must complement each other mutually in order to achieve the objectives set out in the Treaty on European Union; considers that modern European trade policy can play an important role in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals and fulfilling international commitments to human rights, food security and environmental sustainability;

2. Welcomes the fact that trade relations with partners in Latin America have become a priority for the European Union;

EP Resolution of 5 May 2010 on the EU strategy for relations with Latin America

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the EU strategy for relations with Latin America.
Parliament welcomed the Commission communication 'The European Union and Latin America: Global Players in Partnership'.

It also welcomes the efforts of the Spanish presidency to secure the signing of the EU-Central America Association Agreement and the multi-party trade agreements with Colombia and Peru, as well as its clear commitment to re-launching negotiations between the EU and Mercosur.

Members stress that support for the various regional integration processes in Latin America is a basic principle for the biregional strategic partnership, and they reaffirm that the ultimate goal of the EU-Latin America biregional strategic partnership is the creation of a Euro-Latin American global interregional partnership area, by, approximately, 2015, in the areas of politics, economics, trade and social and cultural affairs, intended to ensure sustainable development in both regions.

EP Resolution of 27 April 2006 on a stronger partnership between the European Union and Latin America

The European Parliament adopted a resolution based on the own-initiative report drafted by José Ignacio Salafranca Sánchez-Neyra (EPP-ED, Spain) in anticipation of the Fourth EU-LAC Summit, which will take place in Vienna on 12 and 13 May 2006.

Parliament congratulated the Commission because it had submitted a new strategy communication that serves to identify the challenges and extraordinary opportunities likely to arise as a genuine bi-regional strategic partnership is translated into reality.

Parliament recommendedthat the Vienna Summit make a limited number of verifiable clear-cut commitments serving to lend new impetus to the strategic partnership in four main areas:

Joint action to bring about effective multilateralism
  • a decisive boost to regional integration processes in Latin America
  • specific commitments regarding social cohesion
  • commitments regarding migration and human interaction

EP Resolution of 15 November 2001 on the Global partnership and common strategy for relations between the EU and Latin America

The European Parliament adopted the resolution by Mr José Ignacio SALAFRANCA SÁNCHEZ-NEYRA (EPP-ED, E).

With regard to the duration and the revision of the new common strategy, the Parliament requests that it remains in force for an initial period of four years and be extended, revised and adapted by the European Council as often as necessary, on a recommendation from the Council.

In Paragraph 9 of this resolution, the European Parliament:

"Proposes that the existing system of interparliamentary conferences be replaced with an EU-Latin American Transatlantic Assembly, composed of an equal number of members of the European Parliament, the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO) and the regional integration parliaments, whose work would be conducted in plenary sittings and in committee, and which would meet once a year".