About the Legislative Train

The 'Legislative Train Schedule' website aims to provide an interesting, content rich and easy to understand way to visualise the legislative elements that form the major part of the EU institutions' work programme. Using railways, trains and carriages as a metaphor, the website allows users – Members, Parliament staff, and a broader public audience – to monitor the progress of legislative files during the current and past European Parliament term.

Following the 2019 European elections, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, outlined the six political priorities that would shape the work of the Commission over her five-year mandate, 2019 to 2024:

  • 'A European Green Deal',
  • 'A Europe fit for the digital age',
  • 'An economy that works for people',
  • 'A stronger Europe in the world',
  • 'A new push for European democracy', and
  • 'Promoting the European way of life'.

Users can follow the progress of legislative files under each of these six priorities (and also, in the archive, look back at the legislative work under the 10 priorities set by the Juncker Commission for 2014 to 2019). In an alternative view, users can track the proposals assigned to each of the Parliament's standing committees. The status assigned to each proposal allows for an overall assessment of progress of files per priority or committee.

The information available in the Legislative Train Schedule is updated on a monthly basis, and users can go back in time to see the status of each carriage in previous months. While the site has been designed as an online tool, users may also download a printable pdf version of the text covering each legislative proposal.