Une commission peut organiser une audition d''experts lorsqu''elle estime que celle-ci est indispensable pour ses travaux sur une question déterminée. Les auditions peuvent aussi être conduites conjointement par deux commissions ou plus. La plupart des commissions organisent régulièrement des auditions, qui leur permettent de connaître les points de vue d''experts et de débattre sur de grands enjeux. Vous trouverez sur la présente page tous les renseignements utiles sur les auditions organisées par les commissions, notamment les programmes et les interventions des orateurs.

Auditions LIBE

On 15th of February, the LIBE Committee organized the hearing ‘Democracy, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights in the EU: reinforcing inter-institutional dialogue and cooperation’. This hearing was meant to take stock of the existing toolkit of the EU institutions to ensure the upholding of the rule of law, as well as identify further avenues for improvement and cooperation.

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Auditions LIBE FEMM

The LIBE Committee, in association with FEMM Committee, organised a public hearing on ‘The Implementation of the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme’ (CERV), on 14 February 2024.

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Auditions LIBE

In accordance with article 15 of Council Regulation (EC) n° 168/2007 (FRA Regulation), the Director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is appointed by the FRA Management Board in accordance with a cooperation (concertation) procedure, on the basis of his or her personal merit, experience in the field of fundamental rights and administrative and management skills.

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Auditions LIBE

The LIBE Committee invited Institutions, Members of National Government, experts and civil society representatives in order to gain a comprehensive overview of the situation in the EU and on possible further action in this regard.

Legal Migration
Auditions LIBE

The European Parliament invited experts to discuss perspectives for the EU legal migration framework, around the Commission proposals in the Skills and Talent package and in view of 2021 Parliament's own initiative reports.

LIBE Hearing on investigating war crimes in Ukraine
Auditions LIBE

The hearing took place in the context of the implementation of the new mandate of Eurojust to support investigations into war crimes in Ukraine. Its aim was to provide a state of play on the ongoing investigations, supported by Ukrainian prosecutors and the ICC, and to reflect on recommendations to strengthen EU support.

Auditions FEMM LIBE

On Tuesday, April 25, the LIBE and FEMM Committees held discussions on the UNODC report on Trafficking in Persons.

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Auditions LIBE

In its Resolution of 7 April 2021, the European Parliament stressed the importance of enhanced protection for Ukrainian children on the move, as they run a bigger risk of falling victim to trafficking and exploitation.


The CULT Committee in association with LIBE and IMCO committees, organises on 6 February at 16.30 a public hearing dedicated to the "Media Freedom Act", a long awaited legislative proposal aiming to strengthen media pluralism and media freedom in the European Union.

Media freedom

The LIBE committee in association with CULT and IMCO committees, organised on 31st of January a hearing dedicated to the "Media Freedom Act", a long awaited legislative proposal aiming to strengthen media pluralism and media freedom in the European Union. Various stakeholders, including representatives of the Council of Europe, of EDPS, of journalists associations and of academia participated in this hearing that aimed at serving as input for the work on the legislative proposal.

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On 8 December from 13.30 to 14.30, Ms Laura Harth, representing the non-profit organisation Safeguard Defenders, will present the main findings of the organisation's latest report entitled "110 Overseas - Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild" in the meeting of the ING2 special committee. This report reveals the existence of a far-reaching network of overseas Chinese police stations targeting Chinese expatriates established within the Member States of the European Union, and beyond.

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On December 1st 2022, PETI Committee held a public hearing entitled 'Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation', in association with LIBE Committee and JURI Committee. This public hearing addressed different forms of discrimination of LGBTI persons in some Member States.