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Emmanouil FRAGKOS Emmanouil FRAGKOS
Emmanouil FRAGKOS

Groupe des Conservateurs et Réformistes européens

Membre du bureau

Grèce - Elliniki Lusi-Greek Solution (Grèce)

Date de naissance : , Chios

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Délégation à la commission parlementaire Cariforum-UE


Commission du commerce international
Commission des pétitions
Commission d’enquête sur la protection des animaux pendant le transport

Membre suppléant

Commission de l'agriculture et du développement rural
Délégation pour les relations avec la République populaire de Chine

Dernières activités

Droits et obligations des voyageurs ferroviaires (A9-0045/2021 - Bogusław Liberadzki) EN

Explications de vote écrites

The new rules foresee the following:
• Obligation to help and reroute passengers if travel is delayed or cancelled:
• Compensation rates (same level no change)
25% of the ticket price for a delay of 60 to 119 minutes
50% of the ticket price for a delay of 120 minutes or more
• Better assistance for people with reduced mobility
• More space for bicycles (refurbishing trains for more bicycles)
• Force Majeure clause
• Existing exemptions
It is a positive initiative, therefore I supported it

État prévisionnel des recettes et des dépenses pour l’exercice 2022 (A9-0145/2021 - Damian Boeselager) EN

Explications de vote écrites

The initial Secretary-General’s preliminary draft estimates agreed by the Bureau where set at €2.13 billion, an increase of 3.3% over the Parliament’s 2021 budget. Negotiations with the BUDG Rapporteur and Shadows have brought this figure down to a final budget of €2.11 billion, an increase of 2.4% vis-a-vis this year’s budget.
The expenditure in the Parliament’s budget is composed to a large extent of three main types: spending on Members, on staff and on buildings, making up a little more than two-thirds of the Parliament’s budget.
The priority projects listed for next year’s budget are:
- Engaging with citizens with the goal to ensure that people understand the importance of the Parliament to engage in the European democratic process;
- Multiannual building projects and other building related projects;
- Security - investing in cybersecurity and completing internalisation of security in Luxembourg and integrated dispatching;
- IT: investing in a robust digital environment: cloud/data centre, and internalisation to reduce dependency on external firms;
- Green Parliament.
As I agree with some of the aspects of this report, I opted for abstention.

La Russie, le cas d’Alexeï Navalny, le déploiement militaire à la frontière ukrainienne et l'attaque russe en République tchèque (B9-0235/2021, RC-B9-0236/2021, B9-0236/2021, B9-0237/2021, B9-0250/2021, B9-0251/2021, B9-0252/2021) EN

Explications de vote écrites

It is high time to reconsider a fruitless policy and start to build bridges with Russia.
I am afraid that there are some double standards in the EU foreign policy.
The text did not aim to present the bigger picture. I am against such initiatives.

Emmanouil FRAGKOS
Emmanouil FRAGKOS


Η αλήθεια είναι πως αν η #Χαμάς κατεβάσει τα όπλα θα επέλθει Ειρήνη. Αν κατεβάσει το Ισραήλ τα όπλα δεν θα υπάρχει #Ισραήλ.

Στον #ΣΥΡΙΖΑ θα πουν κάτι για τις εκατοντάδες ρουκέτες που ρίχνουν οι Παλαιστίνιοι σε κατοικημένες περιοχές του #Ισραήλ;