Резолюции на ЕП

Annual Resolutions on Commission Reports on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Every year, the most relevant resolutions describe BiH's position in the European integration process. MEPs always underline that the implementation of reforms and policies remains a key indicator of the integration process and adopted laws are just a preparation to a real change.

The resolutions dedicate a lot of attention to necessary reforms in the country, the rule of law as well as to functioning of the democratic institutions. Human rights, especially situation of vulnerable groups, including minorities are in the focus. The Parliament continuously puts stress on fight against corruption and organized crime but also advises how to limit radicalisation of the youth. The resolutions address the economic situation and comment on building of an efficient judicial system.

The reconciliation, war crimes and situation of the displaced persons are among the frequent topics mentioned in these resolutions.

The Srebrenica commemoration

The past, present and future of Bosnia-Herzegovina The past, present and future of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Srebrenica Commemoration 2005 © EUPM
The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the Srebrenica Commemoration.

The resolution was tabled by the EPP, S&D, ECR, ALDE and Greens/EFA groups.

Parliament condemned in the strongest possible terms the genocide in Srebrenica. It commemorated and honoured all the victims of the Srebrenica genocide and of all the atrocities during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

It recalled that during several days of carnage after the fall of Srebrenica, more than 8 000 Muslim men and boys, who had sought safety in this area under the protection of the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), were summarily executed by Bosnian Serb forces commanded by General Mladić and by paramilitary units, including irregular police units.

Parliament emphasised the need for political representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina to acknowledge the past in order to work successfully together towards a better future for all citizens of the country.[...]