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AFCO Chair Tajani AFCO Chair Tajani
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Welcome to the webpages of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO), which oversees the institutional aspects of the European integration process, in particular the implementation and, if necessary, modification of the Treaties. AFCO is also the committee responsible for matters relating to the European Parliament's Rules of Procedure.

Often perceived as being too abstract, issues concerning the Union's decision-making institutions and mechanisms are in fact fundamental to efforts to achieve the political objectives supported by EU citizens. During this parliamentary term, our committee will focus on making the EU more efficient, democratic and transparent, and bringing it closer to EU citizens.

For example, we will campaign to have Parliament's right of legislative initiative placed on a formal footing and to secure real powers for its committees of inquiry. Issues such as European electoral law, the statute for European political parties, the European Citizens' Initiative and the register of lobbyists will also be central to our work.

The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union will be a further key matter of concern. AFCO will work to safeguard the interests of the Union as a whole and protect the rights of all EU citizens resident in the United Kingdom and all UK citizens resident in the European Union.

Antonio Tajani