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AFCO Chair Salvatore DE MEO
Salvatore DE MEO © Salvatore DE MEO

Welcome to the AFCO Committee!

The Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) plays an important role in shaping the future institutional set-up of the European Union and deals with all aspects related to the European integration process. This includes the implementation and modification of the Treaties, but also the changes in the European Parliament's Rules of Procedure.

Despite its institutional nature, the work of AFCO digs into the Union's decision-making processes and it has a direct impact on the lives of EU Citizens. Among our objectives, there is making the EU more efficient, democratic and transparent, in order to fill the gap between EU institutions and citizens and bring them closer to each other.

Thanks to the commitment of its 28 full members and 28 substitute members, AFCO will work on the follow-up of the Conference on the Future of Europe, trying to deliver some of its conclusions such as the Parliament's right of legislative initiative. Together with the amendment of the Treaties, we will deal with issues as the European electoral law, the statute for European political parties, the composition of the European Parliament and the European Citizens' Initiative.

Salvatore De Meo

Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs

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