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Welcome to the website of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly. I am Javi López, Member of the European Parliament and, since September 2019, President of the European component of the Assembly.

Building on our long-standing parliamentary relationship and underpinned by common interests and values, political dialogue between the European Union and Latin America has become even more relevant in recent years against a backdrop of competition between great powers. Through our work, we hope to continue to forge ever-closer relations in the political, trade and cultural spheres.

Europe and Latin America face shared challenges such as defending, throughout the world, a dialogue- and rules-based multilateral order, ensuring truly inclusive economic growth able to reduce inequalities, combating climate change - an existential threat to our way of life - achieving the Sustainable Development Objectives, the ongoing battle for effective gender equality, creating a fair form of globalisation, institution-building and strengthening democratic guarantees.

In the EuroLat Assembly, the 75 Members of the European Parliament work alongside the 75 Latin American Members from the regional parliaments to provide a parliamentary dimension to the EU-LAC Bi-regional Strategic Partnership and to debate, monitor and review each of these issues and other questions relevant to citizens in the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean.

I am honoured and proud to work with partners on both sides of the Atlantic who are committed to striving for ever-closer bi-regional relations and to completing the vital task of transforming the friendship between our continents into a true alliance.

Javi López

President (2019-2024).

Joint communiqué of Co-Chairs of EuroLat on the Presidency of IADB

02-09-2020 - 10:54
New presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank: EuroLat Co-Chairs request a postponement of the election

Joint communiqué of Javi López (S&D, Spain) and the President of the Latinamerican Parliament, Jorge Esteban Pizarro, Co-Chairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of EuroLat.

Declaration of 30 March 2020

08-04-2020 - 16:26
Declaration of 30 March 2020 by the Co-Presidents of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat) on the COVID-19 pandemic

Press release by the EuroLat Co-Presidents on the Covid-19 Pandemic

23-03-2020 - 12:11

The press release is only available in Spanish.