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Civil Liberties Committee MEPs visited Slovakia on Tuesday and Wednesday in the framework of the ongoing monitoring of democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights.

Civil Liberties Committee MEPs will travel to Slovakia and Bulgaria to assess respect for the rule of law there, as part of their ongoing monitoring of the situation across the EU

Adding to a long list of concerns on the state of EU values in Poland, MEPs denounce the latest attempts to silence critical voices and undermine the primacy of EU law.

Parliament calls for online and offline gender-based violence to be treated as a “particularly serious crime with a cross-border dimension”.

O acordo de facilitação de vistos alterado reduz a taxa a cobrar pelo tratamento dos pedidos de visto de curta duração e simplifica a lista de documentos a apresentar, entre outros aspetos.

MEPs adopted the reform of the EU Blue Card to facilitate the employment of highly qualified non-EU nationals and help alleviate labour shortages in key sectors.

The Special Committee on Foreign Interference and Disinformation will debate the Digital Markets Act, the Digital Services Act and EU data and AI strategy with Commissioner Vestager.

The EU Parliament should approve an updated visa and mobility agreement with Cabo Verde, the Civil Liberties Committee recommended on Wednesday.

Commissioner Reynders will present the rule of law report and the state of play in Article 7 procedures, before Slovenian Justice Minister Dikaučič presents the Presidency’s priorities.

The Civil Liberties and Women’s Rights committees call for online and offline gender-based violence to be included as a new area of crime listed under Article 83(1) TFEU.