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On Tuesday, MEPs quizzed Commissioner Reynders on the recently proposed Digital Green Certificate and discussed data protection aspects with the EDPS.

An EU framework for legal migration would encourage more orderly migration, attract much-needed workers to Europe, undermine smugglers and human traffickers, and ease integration.

On Tuesday, MEPs will take a detailed look at the proposed Digital Green Certificate, the aim of which is to ensure the freedom of movement within the EU during the pandemic.

Following the meeting on Slovenia with Prime Minister Janša, the DRFMG of the Civil Liberties Committee issued the following statement

Het Parlement is bereid om over te gaan tot juridische actie indien de Commissie de toepassing van het rechtsstaatmechanisme nog verder vertraagt.

Implementing and effectively enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation is key, say MEPs, but this can only be done if supervisory authorities are provided with sufficient funding.

The EU should tap into increasing volumes of data as a source of growth and innovation, says a report adopted on Thursday.

Het EP heeft besloten tot een versnelde procedure om het digitale groene certificaat nog voor de zomer te kunnen goedkeuren, om veilig en vrij reizen tijdens de pandemie mogelijk te maken.

Parliament’s monitoring group has invited the prime minister, culture minister, chief prosecutor and ombudsman, as well as media and civil society, to a meeting on Friday.

On Thursday, Parliament and Council reached a deal to amend ETIAS that will include additional ways to assess travellers coming to the EU, stronger safeguards and strengthened monitoring.