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Iirimaa - Fianna Fáil Party (Iirimaa)

Sünnikuupäev : , Dublin

Algus Barry ANDREWS


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Uus mitmeaastane finantsraamistik, omavahendid ja majanduse taastamise kava EN

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. – The Fianna Fáil delegation voted for the compromise MFF, own resources and recovery resolution as European citizens need an immediate response to the economic crisis caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. There are elements in the resolutions, such as Par 9, where a reference to the potential introduction of a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base was made, that we oppose. As such we voted against the inclusion of this language. Tax is a national competence. Therefore, the setting of a corporate tax rate in Ireland is a matter solely for the Oireachtas and the Irish Government. Fianna Fáil, in government, would use the veto at EU Council level to defend Ireland’s right to set its own rates. However, Europe needs a response now. It needs a significant investment and recovery package that supports existing jobs and creates new ones. We need an effective, funded, and citizen-sensitive, transition to a low-carbon economy. This resolution is the culmination of five political groups, representing the full spectrum of political parties, and is worthy of our support. Compromise is necessary to deliver for the people we seek to represent.

Sõrmejälgede andmeid käsitlev automatiseeritud andmevahetus Ühendkuningriigiga (A9-0100/2020 - Juan Fernando López Aguilar) EN

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. – I voted against this legislative proposals despite the obvious failings in how the British government is implementing the data exchange agreement with the European Union. As the only member state with a land border with the UK, Ireland is in a unique position vis a vis this issue. The ability of An Garda Síochána to check finger print data against the information held by the British authorities in the future will be very important in ensuring that criminals do not use the border on the island of Ireland to escape prosecution. I note that a review from the British government is due by June 15th, and I hope that they will outline a timetable by which they will start to respond to requests with the same level of data that is provided by EU member states. It is in everyone’s best interests, irrespective of EU membership or not, that data than can be used to track down and prosecute criminals, subject to appropriate data protection safeguards, is made as freely available as possible.

ELi kooskõlastatud tegevus võitluses COVID-19 pandeemia ja selle tagajärgede vastu EN

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. – I voted for the amendment for protecting passengers' rights because the purpose of the original regulation was to provide certainty to passengers in the event of cancellation. I fully acknowledge that it is not practical for all reimbursements to take place in the time frame provided by the Regulation and the Directive however I supported the amendment on the understanding that an urgent procedure can be fast tracked to provide flexibility for companies so that under certain conditions vouchers in respect of later travel can be provided in circumstances where that is not the first choice of the passenger.