Application of the Principle of Equal Pay for Men and Women for Equal Work of Equal Value: European Added Value Assessment (+ Annexes I-III)

Studie 14-06-2013

Women across the European Union bring home 16.2% less than their male counterparts in the EU. This figure is more than just a statistic: it has real-life consequences for the women concerned, for their families and for society at large. The European Parliament firmly believes that reducing the pay gap remains a political priority. It is not only about economic empowerment, it is also a matter of social justice. This EU Added Value Assessment supports the European Parliament’s view that reducing the gender pay gap, in particular by revising Directive 2006/54/EC, could be very beneficial, not only for individuals but also for society in general. It would help achieve inclusive growth and ensure economic and social cohesion and competitiveness, in line with the objectives set in the Europe 2020 Strategy. ANNEX I: Social and Labour Market-Related Aspects ANNEX II: Economic Aspects ANNEX III: Legal Aspects