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Deforestation Regulation
28-02-2024 - 12:24

At its 7 March meeting, INTA Members will vote on the reports on Ukraine and Moldova autonomous trade measures and on whether to give consent to the protocol amending the agreement between the EU and Japan for an Economic Partnership to include provisions on cross-border data flows.

Abu Dhabi City Panorama
08-02-2024 - 14:19

At its 19 February meeting, INTA Members will vote on the opinion to AFET and BUDG report on the regulation establishing the Reform and Growth Facility for the Western Balkans. Members will consider the two proposals for the extension of the autonomous trade measures for Ukraine and Moldova put forth by the Commission on 31 January.

Handshake between Chile and European Union flags painted on hands, isolated transparent image.
18-01-2024 - 15:46

At its 24-25 January meeting, INTA Members will vote on the EU-Chile Interim Agreement on trade and, together with AFET, on the EU-Chile Advanced Framework Agreement. MEPs are set to vote on the EU-Kenya Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the EU-Angola Sustainable Investment Facilitation Agreement, the implementation report on the EPA with the Southern African Development Community, the resolution on the 13th WTO Ministerial Conference and the opinion to IMCO on the Union Customs Code.