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A European employment strategy
For a long time, social and employment policy was the 'poor relation' of European integration. Over time, however, the gap dividing it from the economic priorities has gradually been bridged. But it...
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Better protection for workers whose firms go bankrupt
Every year thousands of people lose their jobs when the companies they work for go into liquidation. The problem then arises of how workers can obtain any payments to which they are entitled. The Euro...
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Equality of women and men in the workplace
Preventing harassment and discrimination, protecting the victims of such behaviour, safeguarding women's and men's rights on their return from maternity or paternity leave: these are some of the ach...
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Better health and safety protection at work
Every year around a thousand people in Europe die as a result of falls at the workplace. Others die in explosions, while tens of thousands suffer injuries as a result of exposure to noise, vibration...
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Women's needs: healthcare and violence in the spotlight
Women's health - is there any such thing? Isn't health the same for everyone? Not necessarily.  Women and men not only have different biological functions and social roles, those differences al...
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Maximum 48-hour working week to apply to all
Too many long-distance lorry or bus drivers have lost their lives on European roads or caused the death of others because they had been at the wheel too long. In most other industries, working hours...
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Politics is women's business too
More than half of European voters are female but women are still seriously under-represented in positions of power throughout the European Union. The European Parliament has long campaigned for women ...
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  Publishing deadline: 2 April 2004