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Parliament - an overview
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Citizens' rights
European citizenship
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Fundamental rights
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Justice and home affairs
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Environment /
Consumer protection
Transport / Regional policy
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Employment and social policy / Women's rights
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European citizenship:
the right to vote, petitions, the Ombudsman
A citizen of any EU country is also a 'citizen of the European Union'. This EU citizenship does not replace national citizenship; it is additional to it - a principle laid down in the Treaty of Amster...
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The Charter: shared rights and values
"The peoples of Europe, in creating an ever closer union among them, are resolved to share a peaceful future based on common values." These are the opening words of the preamble to the Charter of Fund...
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Standing up for fundamental rights
The European Union is founded on human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law, yet violations of these rights are regularly reported from across Europe. Members of the European Parliament see it ...
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More openness for greater accountability
Openness and easy access to information held by public authorities lie at the heart of any functioning democracy. Without this, governments and public administrations cannot be held to account. The Tr...
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Erasmus: an invitation to travel
Erasmus came into being in 1987. In that year 3000 students took the opportunity offered by the programme to enrich their education at another European university. In 2002, 15 years later, the miles...
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