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Making Europe's shipping lanes safer
The catalogue of shipping disasters off the shores of Europe is a lengthy one: the Torrey Canyon, the Amoco Cadiz, the Erika and the Prestige, to name but a few. After the Erika sank off the coast of ...
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Parliament scuppers liberalisation of port services
As part of a policy of transferring goods and passengers to more environment-friendly modes of transport, the EU wants to boost sea transport by making shipping more competitive. The European Commissi...
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Air travel - safety and the Single European Sky
Air travel in Europe is set to become safer following recent EU legislation. A single air traffic control system for Europe's congested skies is on the way. As part of this system, thanks to MEPs, civ...
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Compensation - and comfort - for stranded
air passengers
Around quarter of a million people a year in Europe are bumped off their flights with scheduled EU airlines. The European Community has now tightened up its 1991 legislation on compensation and assist...
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Safety on Europe's roads
Road traffic accidents in the 15 pre-enlargement European Union countries claim more than 40,000 lives and leave more than 1.7 million people injured each year - pedestrians, cyclists, passengers an...
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Ecopoints regulation for Austria: problematic in parts
Environmental protection and heavy goods vehicles would appear to be irreconcilable; and where they need to be reconciled, conflict is almost inevitable. A case in point is HGV transit through Austria...
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Railways on track for a brighter future
The outlook for Europe's railways is sunnier following recent legislation which will allow European rail companies to ply their trade across the EU's internal borders, thereby increasing competition a...
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Gentle approach to liberalisation of postal services
Far-reaching proposals by the European Commission to open up postal services to greater competition were reined in by MEPs, who were determined that even people living in remote areas should continue ...
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Regional policy - the key to the future of the EU?
Around a third of the EU budget is spent on regional policy, making it one of the European Union's key policy areas.  Support for the regions is based on the idea of "economic and social cohesi...
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  Publishing deadline: 2 April 2004