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Environmental liability - the polluter pays
According to the European Commission, there are some 300,000 sites across Europe where the soil or water is polluted: each of these sites is one too many. Animal and plant species are threatened with ...
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Protecting Europe's forests, lakes and lungs
from air pollution
From forests ravaged by acid rain to cities choking on ozone, from lifeless Scandinavian lakes to ponds stifled by algae, air pollution plays havoc with the environment and with our health. After two ...
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EU acts swiftly on emissions trading
Europe is leading the world in the fight against global warming.  From January 2005, the EU will have the first cross-border trading system for greenhouse gas emission allowances - well ahead o...
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Vehicle pollution under control
Road accident fatalities are not the only deaths caused by traffic. Vehicle pollution also kills, albeit more insidiously, and can be linked to thousands of deaths in the European Union each year - ...
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Less electroscrap – and the producer pays
A mountain of electrical and electronic waste is building up throughout Europe.  Every consumer generates on average 16 kilograms of this waste a year, making six million tonnes each year Europ...
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Packaging waste - prevention is better than cure
In 2001, with enlargement on the horizon, the EU decided to update the 1994 Packaging Waste Directive designed to prevent packaging waste and encourage ways of salvaging the raw materials found in it....
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Enjoy your meal!
Dioxin in chicken, hormones in beef, BSE, foot-and-mouth disease - a spate of food scares in recent years has made food health and safety a major issue for Europe's consumers. These scares recognise n...
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Clear labelling of GMOs
A great deal of scepticism has surrounded genetically modified organisms in Europe, unlike the United States where GM food is considered perfectly normal. In response to this public concern, the EU de...
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Smoking can kill - you have been warned
Two major directives on tobacco have been adopted recently by the EU, one on ingredients and labelling, the other on advertising and sponsorship. The European Parliament made a number of changes to ...
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Less noise - more sleep
EU citizens plagued by noise will in future sleep easier following the European Parliament's victory in its battle for EU-wide noise limits.  A new directive on environmental noise contains a b...
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Total ban on animal testing
of cosmetic products on the horizon
Animal testing of cosmetics is an issue that arouses strong feelings. Consumer safety, animal welfare, international trade rules and the competitiveness of EU-based cosmetics companies are all invol...
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Guaranteeing safety of cell and tissue transplants
The transplantation of human cells and tissues is a rapidly expanding field of medicine. However, the risks of infection are greater than for blood transfusions. Since cells and tissues are transporte...
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  Publishing deadline: 2 April 2004