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Foreign, security and defence policy:
one small step at a time
For a quarter of a century, the EU Member States would hold discussions on international political questions but in practice do little more about them than issue statements. With the end of the Soviet...
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Human rights at the heart of foreign policy
If any cause has received Parliament's steady support over the years, it is human rights - both inside and outside the EU. And the tireless efforts of MEPs have paid off, as human rights are now at th...
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Bringing peace, stability and prosperity to the Balkans
The Balkans are at once the European Union's biggest failure and greatest success in foreign policy. The EU was unable to prevent the bloody war that broke out in 1992 or bring it to an end after it...
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Parliament has the final say
in agreements with non-EU countries
Association and partnership agreements provide the framework for relations between non-EU countries and the EU Member States. When the European Union concludes an agreement with a third country, the t...
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Greater openness needed at World Trade Organization
Everybody, everywhere is affected by trade: without trade there would be no bananas in Vienna, no European medicines in New York. However, trade is a complex subject, and negotiations over quotas an...
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Development aid: an EU priority
The European Union and its Member States are currently the world's biggest donors of development and humanitarian aid. The main objective of EU development policy is to reduce poverty. To achieve this...
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The ACP States: a balanced partnership
When the EEC was created in 1958, several of its Member States were still colonial powers. After decolonisation, African countries were for the most part still reliant on their special economic relati...
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EU action on anti-personnel mines
Anti-personnel mines claim many casualties every year, often in the very poorest countries. The European Union has decided to go beyond the international obligations laid down in the Ottowa Convention...
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  Publishing deadline: 2 April 2004