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Grupul Alianței Progresiste a Socialiștilor si Democraților din Parlamentul European


România - Partidul Social Democrat (România)

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Comisia pentru agricultură și dezvoltare rurală
Comisia de anchetă privind protecția animalelor în timpul transportului
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Dreptul de a se deconecta (A9-0246/2020 - Alex Agius Saliba) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

I support this resolution.
The Covid19 crisis has also had a negative effect on workers and employed people across Europe.
Flexibility has been stretched and digital tool have increased the pressure on people to "always be connected". The balance between professional and family life has become difficult to separate in certain cases.
The resolution notes that the extension of working hours can increase the risk of unremunerated overtime, work fatigue, psychosocial, mental and physical problems, such as anxiety, depression, burnout and technostress, and can have a negative impact on the health and safety of workers at work, their work-life balance.

Atenuarea consecințelor cutremurelor din Croația (RC-B9-0057/2021, B9-0057/2021, B9-0058/2021, B9-0059/2021, B9-0061/2021, B9-0063/2021) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

I fully support the European help in trying to help and mitigate the terrible Earthquakes in Croatia. Tragic events that has touched our friends in Croatia this time like other people and member states in the past.
Showing concrete support and providing help is a European duty and it is EU solidarity at its best.

Strategia UE privind egalitatea de gen (A9-0234/2020 - Maria Noichl) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

I support this resolution and the EU strategy for greater gender equality both in terms of same opportunities and same salary conditions for women and men for example.
Moreover the Covid19 crisis has exposed even more the women's and their challenging balance between their professional lives and their family duties.
The resolution notes that the majority of workers delivering essential services in the current crisis are women, including 76 % of healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, midwives, staff in residential care homes), 82 % of cashiers, 93 % of child care workers and teachers, 95 % of domestic cleaners and helpers, and 86 % of personal care workers in the EU. We should not forget these facts.