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Paskelbta 05-06-2023

As the civil war in Syria enters its 13th year, and amidst ongoing political instability and armed clashes, the humanitarian and economic situation in the country continues to deteriorate. Half of the country's 22.1 million population is internally or externally displaced and 15.3 million people – nearly 70 % of Syrians – are in need of humanitarian assistance. Following the deadly earthquake in early February 2023, the humanitarian situation has deteriorated further. Since the beginning of the conflict ...

EU’s response to the US Inflation Act (IRA)

Išsami analizė 02-06-2023

Although the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) pursues a range of aims, the two main ones are the lowering of inflation by removing purchasing power from the US economy, and to provide the United State's contribution to fighting climate change. Unlike similar EU measures, most of its climate support is done via tax subsidies. Although hailed in the EU for heralding a new era in US climate policy, the IRA is being criticised for its outright 'Buy American' provisions. Amongst others, it is feared that ...

In this briefing, we summarise and explain the directions that the ECB has in mind for the digital euro, based on the ECB’s progress reports and statements. We also highlight further questions that have so far received less explicit consideration, but may deserve the legislators’ attention when the European Commission presents a proposal for ordinary legislative procedure.