Young people in the EU: Fit for the digital age

Pārskats 11-07-2022

In 2021, 95 % of young Europeans aged 16‑29 years reported using the internet every day. However, the share of young people with basic or above basic digital skills ranges from 93 % in Finland, 92 % in Malta, 89 % in Croatia and 87 % in Greece and the Netherlands, to just 49 % in Bulgaria and 46 % in Romania, with the EU average standing at 71 %. Some 76 % of all young people reported that they had performed basic computer tasks such as copying or moving a file or a folder, while slightly lower shares had downloaded or installed software or applications (70 %). However, more technical skills, such as writing code in a programming language, were much less widespread, as just 13 % of young people declared having ever done so, although this was more than twice the share recorded for the adult population (6 %).