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Welcome to the website of the Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN), which provides you with complete and detailed overview of its legislative and political activities.

Transport and tourism, two major economic sectors, face huge challenges to meet the climate and environmental preoccupations of EU citizens. Personal behaviour with regard to mobility as well as industrial and economic models will have to drastically change if the EU is to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. It is urgent to find solutions for more efficient and cleaner transport that is available and affordable to all citizens. It is also important that the financial means provided by the EU budget contribute efficiently both to optimised mobility and the protection of our environment.

Another challenge for the transport sector will be digitisation and use of artificial intelligence. Autonomous driving, for example, will create new conditions for the workers and will require new skills and changes in the working framework. The TRAN Committee will have to be attentive to preserve good social conditions and to still improve the European social model.

I invite citizens to regularly follow the activities of TRAN and be in contact with Members to enrich the political debate.

Karima Delli
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