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Os workshops são organizados pelos departamentos temáticos e permitem aos deputados formular perguntas e trocar pontos de vista com peritos sobre assuntos relacionados com a atividade parlamentar ou de atualidade. Não são necessariamente abertos ao público, mas podem realizar-se durante as reuniões das comissões.

A hand holding eraser for changing word 'disability' to 'ability'

The Workshop, organised by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs for the Committee on Petitions, focuses on the implementation of the 2015 Concluding Observations of the CRPD Committee by the EU and the 2021-2030 Disability Strategy.

What role for the ICC?

What role can the International Criminal Court (ICC) play in a global context of pervasive impunity and a backlash against human rights? Can the ongoing ICC review process strengthen the Court and its legitimacy? In which way can the EU best support the Court and defend it against political attacks? Such questions will be discussed at the Workshop on the ICC on 28 October 2021 with academic experts, representatives of human rights organisations, lawyers and activists.

BUDG Workshop of 27/10/2021

The Next Generation EU programme is radically changing the way the EU finances itself and interacts with financial markets. This paper will assess the first design decisions made by the European Commission and the issuances that have taken place so far. It will also outline the potential risks and opportunities linked to this upgrading of the EU borrowing.

CONT workshop of 26/10/2021

Every year, public authorities in the EU spend around 14% of GDP (around EUR 2 trillion per year) on the purchase of services, works and supplies . High quality public services depend on modern, well-managed and efficient procurement. Improving public procurement can yield big savings: a 1% efficiency gain could save EUR 20 billion per year. To create a level playing field for businesses across Europe, EU law sets out minimum harmonised public procurement rules.

Complementary Integrative Medicine therapies

The aim of this workshop in the form of a webinar is to provide background and technical information and advice to the members of the ENVI Committee on the latest findings and trends in the field of complementary and alternative therapies as well as to present the benefits of CIM and some examples and latest results.

A woman sitting on a couch using her smartphone and a big word TAX appearing on the screen

The Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies organises a workshop on 30 September 2021 to present of a study on 'Exploring the opportunities and challenges of new technologies for EU tax administration and policy'. This study, which was requested by the FISC Subcommitee, will be presented by Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Owens (Vienna University), Dr Nathalia Oliveira Costa (Vienna University) and Dr Ivan Lazarov (Vienna University).


On Friday 10 September (10.00-12.00), the AIDA Committee is organising an academia roundtable on the future of AI. The webinar will focus on the role of academia in AI and examine likely developments leading up to the EU's digital decade ahead of 2030. Experts from academia and various research institutions will share their professional experience and research findings, and address the challenges facing the future of AI from an academic perspective. The event is open to AIDA Members and staff.

Healthy Life, Healthy Food

This public webinar aims to get first-hand insights from practitioners and European policymakers on the concrete actions that Europe should propose to tackle the rise of obesity rates, especially in children in the EU.

Businessman jumping over a tax sign

The Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies organises a workshop to present two studies: a study on 'Harmful tax practices within the EU' and a study on 'Sectors with large tax gaps: case study on professional football'.


On Friday 25 June, AIDA Committee will organise a presentation of the four studies 'Improving working conditions using AI', 'The role of AI in the European Green Deal', 'Challenges and limits of an open source approach to AI' and 'AI diplomacy: AI Governance as a new external policy Tool', delivered by the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies...

Robot performing a task

On Friday 18 June, AIDA Committee will organise a workshop on "AI industry showcases". Five organisations are invited to present their products and services in the field of AI/ML and the way they are used in practice. The main objective of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for improving one's understanding of how AI is used and deployed in the society and in the industry today.

Gender equality - gender gap

One of the strategy’s key areas of the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 is the promotion of gender balance in ICT studies and careers. The ITRE Committee organised a debate on how to advance gender equality in the EU, break gender stereotypes in STEM careers, empower a gender-balanced entrepreneurships, and more generally, on the role of women as researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the digital, ICT and artificial intelligence sector.


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