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17-01-2022 - 11:54 BUDG

The analytical study looks at the cost of non-EU agencies focusing on the health and safety cluster of the EU decentralised agencies. The study suggests that the seven EU agencies in the health and safety field demonstrate strong European added value and that this is widely recognised by Member States and other stakeholders including business. The agencies have played an important role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maps of South America and Europe with Mercosur and EU symbols. In front of it the illustration of a handshake as a symbol for a contract.
17-01-2022 - 11:54 INTA

For the EU and Mercosur, a bilateral trade agreement will be highly significant economically. But the proposal has also led to intense public debate, which is still ongoing. This study, requested by INTA committee, analyses the provisions of the EU-Mercosur trade agreement – including trade structure, tariff structure, non-tariff protection and the trade-related provisions – and describes potential macroeconomic effects. The agri-food sector is considered in particular detail.

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17-01-2022 - 11:54 ENVI

Carbon farming means farm management practices that deliver climate mitigation through sequestration and storing of carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at farm level. The study requested by ENVI committee looks at how carbon farming can contribute to EU climate objectives. Carbon farming also has co-benefits for farmers and society, e.g. greater biodiversity and improved farm resilience. However, more research is needed and robust monitoring, reporting and verification systems are key.

Collage of three pictures with harbour, suveillance camera and telecommunication satellite orbiting the Earth
17-01-2022 - 11:54 PECH

Through collecting more and better data on EU's fisheries activities, existing and emerging technology systems are helping to manage maritime resources more sustainably. The workshop requested by the PECH committee looked at the state of play of electronic technologies for fisheries in the EU in terms of control and research. During the event, researchers presented their results on (I) transmitted positional data systems, (II) electronic monitoring systems, and (III) small scale fisheries.

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17-01-2022 - 11:54 JURI

Sunset clauses in international treaties account for numerous benefits. However, their entrenchment effect disproportionally burdens future policymakers. Sunset clauses provide that a treaty lapses automatically on a fixed, precise date or after the passage of a specified, determined period of time. This study examines such clauses in the international system in relation to EU law. It looks in particular at the case of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).

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13-12-2021 - 10:52 JURI

This study is an in-depth analysis of the policy and legal state of affairs of gender pay discrimination in the EU. It is a comprehensive comparative study covering a number of European countries and it includes policy recommendations to move towards a shared and well-informed solution to wage discrimination in the EU.


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