Warsztaty są organizowane przez departamenty tematyczne i umożliwiają posłom zadawanie pytań oraz wymianę poglądów z ekspertami na tematy związane z pracami Parlamentu lub aktualnie poruszanymi kwestiami. Nie zawsze odbywają się one publicznie, ale mogą mieć miejsce podczas posiedzenia komisji parlamentarnej.

Young happy postal worker making delivery at residential district.

The overall objective of the Workshop is to provide expert input on the suitability of the existing post and parcel legislation, considering in particular the trends observed in the past years, such as the boom of e-commerce and online sales, further exacerbated by COVID-19. It will consider whether current rules need to evolve, taking into account also working conditions and sustainability issues.

"Permanent System for the allocation of seats in the European Parliament" Organized by the Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs for the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO)

The workshop will explore effectiveness of the Human Rights clauses in EU's international agreements. Firstly, experts will look at how the implementation could be improved gathering best practices from different EU policy fields and third country examples. Secondly, lifecycle of Human Rights clauses will be analysed through case studies on Ethiopia, Tunisia and Vietnam, in presence of academic and civil society experts.

Workshop Good Tax Practices

On 13 February 2024, from 16:15 to 17:15, the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies organizes a workshop with FISC Members to present a study on "Good tax practices in the fight against tax avoidance - The signalling role of FDI data".

Transportation and logistic network distribution growth. Container cargo ship and trucks of industrial cargo freight for shipping. Business logistic import export and transport industry.

All transport modes are currently experiencing a profound transformation due to new disruptive technologies related to digitalisation, automation and big data/Artificial Intelligence (AI), with significant effects on the business as well as the workforce.

A wheelchair user is on a house staircase

The Workshop, organised by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs for the Committee on Petitions, focuses on two themes: ‘Coping with the cost-of-living crisis’ and ‘Inclusive communication’.

On 28 Novembre, AGRI Committee and the Policy Department on Structural and Cohesion Policies organised a Workshop on Reassessment of methane emissions - focus on biogenic methane emissions

Image of the Ukrainian flag painted on a window and a child touching it

On 13 November 2023, DROI organises a workshop on the forcible transfer and deportation of Ukrainian children by Russia in the presence of experts, including Mykola Kuleba, former Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children's Rights and co-founder of the Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans and 'Save Ukraine', who has deployed tremendous efforts to bring children back home.

Sanctions are an essential tool to safeguard EU values and interests, but how can the EU enforce them and protect its budget in the process? With a particular focus on the EU-Russia sanctions, this workshop will look at the issue from various perspectives, including trade sanctions, criminalising sanctions circumvention, asset freezing and tracing final beneficiaries of EU funds.

Combined transports role in the decabornisation of transport

Freight transport accounts for over 30% of transport CO2 emissions and is expected to rise. Hence, the decarbonisation of freight is crucial to meet the European Green Deal objective. Greening cargo operations implies shifting a substantial part of the inland freight carried by road to rail and inlands waterways, and having the relevant infrastructure.

Back of a person wearing a blue vest with the EU symbol and words: European Union Election Observer

European Union Election Observation Missions represent a highly visible demonstration of the EU’s commitment in supporting democratisation and respect for human rights. On Monday 9 October, the Subcommittee on Human Rights will hold a workshop with two invited election experts to discuss the increasing trend of legitimising elections which are not conducted in a free and fair manner.


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