Rovana PLUMB
Rovana PLUMB

Grupul Alianței Progresiste a Socialiștilor si Democraților din Parlamentul European


România - Partidul Social Democrat (România)

Data nașterii : , Bucureşti

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Starea Uniunii (dezbatere) EN

13-09-2023 P9_CRE-PROV(2023)09-13(3-043-0000)
Contribuțiile la dezbaterile în plen

Combustibilii de aviație durabili (Inițiativa ReFuelEU în domeniul aviației) (A9-0199/2022 - José Ramón Bauzá Díaz) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

The RefuelEU Aviation initiative marks a crucial step toward cutting emissions in the aviation industry, and aligning the sector with EU’s climate goals. It sets strict requirements for fuel suppliers, requiring them to gradually increase their use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels from 20% by 2035 to 70% by 2050 for all commercial flights across Europe.
I have voted in favour of the final agreement on ReFuelEU reached by the Commission, the Parliament and the Council. We are with a step closer to realising our climate aspirations, while simultaneously fostering improved regional connectivity and cohesion within the EU.
By adopting this report, we are paving the way for sustainable aviation fuels that have the potential to reduce the life-cycle carbon footprint of aviation fuel by 80%. This is an ambitious goal, particularly considering that sustainable aviation fuels currently account for less than 0.1% of total aviation fuel consumption.

Poluanții apelor de suprafață și ai apelor subterane (A9-0238/2023 - Milan Brglez) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

I welcome the Commission’s proposed improvements, while emphasising that the fiasco of achieving
the Water Framework Directive’s environmental objectives the past 20 years is not caused by deficiencies of the legislation, but is largely due to insufficient funding, slow implementation and insufficient integration of environmental objectives in sectoral policies.
Updating EU water laws, like the Water Framework Directive and its daughter directives, is a critical step in fulfilling our commitment to the Zero-Pollution Action Plan. Protecting EU water bodies is of utmost importance, particularly considering the increasing challenges of climate change and the pollution from industries and agriculture that threaten our precious freshwater resources.
I voted for the report because the revision of those directives will contribute to the improvement of the daily life of the citizens, as well as no region and no one left behind.



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