Committee on Employment and Social Affairs


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04-07-2022 - 10:20

Entrepreneurial literacy and skills (ELS) empower European citizens to act on economic opportunities and enable them to adequately respond to ongoing impactful changes, such as the green transition, the ageing workforce and the digitalisation.

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21-06-2022 - 21:00

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs discussed the 2023 draft budget of the Commission with General rapporteur Nicolae ŞTEFĂNUȚĂ from the Committee on Budgets on 20 June. The aim was to discuss the topics related to social policies and involve the EMPL Committee in the 2023 budgetary procedure.

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21-06-2022 - 21:00

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality voted the joint report "Towards a common European action on Care" on 21 June.

United Nations Building in New York is the headquarters of the United Nations organization.
21-06-2022 - 20:59

Lead by the EMPL chair, members of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, together with members from LIBE and PETI Committees, participated from 14 to 16 June 2022 in a delegation to COSP, the annual Conference of State Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), taking place at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Mental health in Digital World
14-06-2022 - 17:59

On June 14, Members voted on the own initiative draft report on Mental Health in the Digital World of Work. The aim of the report is to address the new occupational health challenges and the benefits, brought about by the move to the digital world of work, following the COVID 19 crisis.

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14-06-2022 - 17:58

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs voted on the own initiative draft report on the EU action plan for the social economy. The draft report addresses key issues for the social economy and social enterprises to thrive, such as creating an enabling environment, tapping into the full potential of EU instruments, as well as strengthening the legal and policy frameworks.

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