Committee on Employment and Social Affairs


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29-11-2022 - 15:07

During the EMPL Committee meeting Members will vote on the Council Recommendations for Minimum Income, on the revision of the European Works Councils Directive, and on the European Parliament's proposal for the amendment of the Treaties. Members will also discuss discharge opinions to the Commission and Agencies (Cedefop, ELA, ETF, EU-OSHA, Eurofound), and will hold an exchange of views with stakeholders on quality traineeships in the EU.

workers in factory
29-11-2022 - 15:06

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) will adopt a report on the Revision of the European Works Councils Directive. The aim of this legislative initiative report is to examine possible options for strengthening democracy at work, with a view to a revision of the European Works Council (EWC) Directive.

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29-11-2022 - 15:03

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) will vote on two oral questions, one addressed to the Council and the other to the Commission on Adequate minimum income to ensure active inclusion.

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29-11-2022 - 14:59

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) will discuss amendments on labour migration files on 30th November. Members will discuss amendments on the recast of the Single Permit and Long-term Residents Directives, on which the EMPL Committee has been working in close cooperation with the LIBE Committee.

29-11-2022 - 14:44

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) will hold exchange of views on legislative-initiative report on Quality Traineeships, rapporteur Monica SEMEDO (Renew) on 30th November at 15:30. The exchange of views aim to examine and get a better understanding of the challenges and possible solutions on the ground that in turn should support young people from all backgrounds to access quality employment and career opportunities.

A wheelchair differently-abled man working in an office. ©Industrieblick/AdobeStock
29-11-2022 - 14:40

The EMPL Committee is at the forefront of the European Parliament's work for the rights of persons with disabilities. The joint delegation with the LIBE and PETI Committees to the UN Conference of State Parties to the UN CRPD in June 2022 marked Members' commitment to ensure proper implementation of the UN CRPD in Europe and beyond. Indeed, EMPL Members also actively contributed to LIBE's own-initiative report on the rights of people with disabilities.

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19-11-2022 - 16:55

On 7 November, Members of the EMPL committee held a hearing which will bring together national child guarantee coordinators, academic experts, European Agencies and Institutions to address issues related to the implementation and monitoring of national action plans as well as the use of EU funding (ESF+, RRF).

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