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19-04-2024 - 16:39

The EMPL Committee will hold the closing session of the Working Group on the European Child Guarantee this Wednesday 24 April in Strasbourg. The main mission of the Working Group has been to scrutinise and monitor the implementation of the European Child Guarantee. It has been also instrumental in monitoring the adequacy and sufficiency of its funding and has mobilised EU political support to speed up its efficient implementation.

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19-04-2024 - 15:03

This third and last meeting of the CRPD Network will take place on 23 April 2024. It consists of a stocktaking end-of-term exercise together with Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli and the Belgian Minister Karine Lalieux, as well as a forward looking for actions to advance rights of persons with disability in the next years, together with the Hungarian Presidency and the EDF. EP CRPD Network members and rapporteurs of important files will give a view on their work during this mandate.

Images referring to traineeship in front of 2 workers and their PCs
10-04-2024 - 21:58

On 3 April, the Commission presented to EMPL two new proposals to improve working conditions for trainees: a proposal for a Directive on improving and enforcing working conditions for trainees and a proposal to revise the 2014 Council Recommendation on a Quality Framework for Traineeships.

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10-04-2024 - 21:57

During the EMPL Committee meeting on 3 April 2024, the European Commission presented its action plan to tackle labour and skills shortages, proposing to work together with Member States and social partners to address these issues over the coming months and years. The action plan is part of the EU's strategy to boost its competitiveness and enhance its economic and social resilience.

Dennis Radtke
10-04-2024 - 21:57

The rights of workers to be informed and consulted on decisions that affect their working conditions is a crucial right. Indeed, it is protected by the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, part of the European Pillar of Social Rights, and enshrined in the EU Treaties. In this context, more than a thousand European Works Councils (EWCs) were created following the adoption of Council Directive 94/45/EC of 22 September 1994 on the establishment of a European Works Council.

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