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artificial intelligence, digital trade
03-12-2020 - 12:19 INTA

Artificial Intelligence (AI ) and Digital Trade are set to influence Europe and the world in many ways. Global value chains (GVC) - also in times of the Covid 19 pandemia - continue to play a critical role in global trade. The papers that have been discussed in a webinar on 9 November 2020 are aimed as contribution to improve the understanding of the evolution and the role AI and Digital Trade are playing and will play in the EU, in developed and developing countries.

sanctions on trade agreement, EU responses
02-12-2020 - 16:05 INTA

Recent US measures directed against Iran, Cuba and Russia (North Stream 2) have become indirectly a critical challenge for the European Union. The study shows that extraterritorial sanctions have important economic implications for the EU and its companies. Extraterritorial sanctions also raise critical questions as to their legality under general international law, WTO law and other specific international rules. The EU has taken some measures already in response, but these could be improved.

European justice
30-11-2020 - 16:19 LIBE

This Thematic Digest contains a list of publications from the European Parliament’s expertise and research capacities within the Directorates-General for Internal Policies (IPOL), External Policies (EXPO) and Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), relevant to the topics of debate of the Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on the evaluation of Eurojust activities, organised by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (1 December 2020).

environment, countryside, green deal
30-11-2020 - 16:19 AGRI

At the request of the AGRI Committee, this study was commissioned by the Policy Department For Structural and Cohesion Policies and realized by the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment of France (INRAE) in cooperation with Agro Paris Tech University. It provides a comprehensive review of the European Green Deal (EGD) initiatives related to agriculture and the food system.

BECA - special committee for fighting against cancer
23-11-2020 - 10:51 ENVI BECA

Cancer research, and its translation into everyday clinical practice, is fundamental to ensuring continual improvements in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. From the causes of cancer through diagnostic techniques and access to treatment, to research into rare and childhood cancers, this study covers current developments in the fight against cancer and the EU's role in encouraging research networks, exchange of best practices and coordinated prevention efforts.

Smart Mobility Applications
23-11-2020 - 10:51 TRAN

This study provides an overview of the most relevant Smart Mobility applications and their underlying emerging technologies for all different transport modes for up to 2030. The combined development of different emerging technologies and increasing pressure on achieving societal goals within the transport sector boost innovations in Smart Mobility. This development is expected to accelerate in the coming decade as the various technologies become more mature.

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