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Cooperation with UK
28-04-2023 - 10:54 JURI

This study for the JURI Committee analyses the implications of Brexit in relation to judicial cooperation in civil matters, examines the existing legal framework, and identifies areas of law in which there is a gap in the relation-ship between the EU and the UK.

Role of the EU budget in  international climate finance
28-04-2023 - 10:52 BUDG

Proceedings of BUDG and CONT Committee's’ workshop of 30 January 2023. The workshop covered questions regarding the financial instruments needed to reach the environmental goals set out in the Paris Agreement. It examined: – the total funding required, – the amount committed so far, – the EU’s contribution, and – the key challenges in meeting the targets.

Global Value Chains
28-04-2023 - 10:47 INTA

This study requested by INTA examines global value chains and sustainable supplies of raw materials, commodities and critical goods using the EU's concept of Open Strategic Autonomy. The authors examine the EU's internal legislation and international cooperation instruments to determine risk of disruption to the EU, and consider the EU's tools for countering unfair practices and intervention. Finally, the paper examines activities to strengthen global value chains in critical EU industries.

COVID-19 vaccines
28-04-2023 - 10:08 COVI

COVID-19 pandemic posed a twofold challenge to governments and the pharmaceu-tical sector: developing new vaccines and producing billions of doses in a very short timespan. The study requested by COVI committee maps the funds contributed for R&D and the expansion of production capacity of vaccines. Advance Purchase Agreements were key to de-risk the production of vaccines in the EU; however, direct EU and MS support for R&D was marginal compared to that provided by the US federal government.

Environmental challenges  through the life cycle of  battery electric vehicle
28-04-2023 - 10:02 TRAN

The take-up of battery electric vehicles is expected to be the main mechanism for achieving the CO2 regulation for passenger cars. This study provides policy recommendations based on an assessment and comparison between the life cycle’s carbon footprint of battery electric and internal combustion engine passenger cars.

Legal loopholes and the risk of foreign interference
13-04-2023 - 11:26 ING2

This paper requested by ING2 assesses the possibility of using criminal law and the international sanctions regime to address foreign interference, and of banning the use of foreign(-funded) third party campaigning during elections. It also considers measures to increase the transparency of foreign influence, notably by strengthening the EU’s Transparency Register, and addressing the ‘revolving door’ for former officeholders. Finally, it examines how to limit online manipulative practices.


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