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A renminbi note (chinese currency) rolled placed over a map of latin america.
09-12-2022 - 17:32 INTA

Over the last 20 years, China has become the second largest trading partner of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). This is closely related to commodities extraction and infrastructure construction. Although LAC profited from expanded economic interchange with China, its long-term implications remain in doubt. In reaction, the EU should offer LAC a strategic partnership based on fair and sustainable trade and on intensified technological and political cooperation.

An image of the European Union flag and half the shape of Africa.
09-12-2022 - 17:31 INTA

Africa-EU trade relations have a longstanding tradition. The EU remains the biggest trading and investment partner for most African countries, especially for those implementing Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs). These papers discuss a the impact of EPAs on economic regional development and on intraregional economic integration in Africa, as well as an overview of EU's sustainable investment facilitation agreements. They also discuss the strategic economic and trade interests in Africa.

The use of Pegasus and equivalent surveillance 
09-12-2022 - 10:44 PEGA

Oversight mechanisms of the use of special investigative techniques are often weak or ineffective. This study describes the legal framework (including oversight and redress) governing the use of Pegasus and equivalent spyware in some Member States. It extends the scope of an earlier study (2017) to focus on Pegasus and equivalent, and outlines the use of such tools by a wider range of actors, including intelligence agencies.

Single Audit Approach -
Weaknesses of the MS Managing and Audit Authorities
09-12-2022 - 10:42 CONT

‘Single Audit’ is an audit system in which each audit layer builds on work done by the preceding one. This study for the CONT Committee examines the problems that Member States’ authorities and bodies experience in the implementation, control and audit of EU expenditure. To address weaknesses that are identified, the study makes a number of recommendations to the Commission and national authorities.

The Strategic Compass and EU space-based defence
09-12-2022 - 10:40 SEDE

The EU relies on space for its economic and strategic autonomy. The Strategic Compass has underlined its importance, calling for a dedicated EU Strategy for Space and Defence. This in-depth analysis, requested by the SEDE subcommittee, explores a major challenge facing the EU: how to develop a credible EU space and defence strategy, while also investing in the most appropriate space-defence capabilities. The author provides concrete recommendations for policy and action.

The shadow economy can have political, social, and economic ramifications, including lower tax revenue
09-12-2022 - 10:38 FISC

The shadow economy can have political, social, and economic ramifications, including lower tax revenue, increased public spending, and misallocation and misuse of resources. The study requested by FISC subcommittee provides estimates of the size and development of the shadow economy in the EU up to 2022 and analyses the drivers behind it. The study reviews the policy measures implemented to reduce the shadow economy in six EU countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Romania and Greece).


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